New Website

Sorry about the delay in getting this sorted... I've had some more time during the lockdown so I've been catching up on projects and completing a few major tasks. I've been upgrading the workspace with additional machines, new lathes / shavehorse / chopping blocks as well as making a large stockpile of tools (for when I'm ready to sell).

Some of my projects...

I recently purchased an old GoPro Hero 4 so I've just started learning how to use that and incorporate it into my making process. I would love to be able to film myself making tools / wooden treen and post them here.... yet another process I must learn.

I've also started live-streaming on twitter and my last video (making a spoon) has have over 1k views so far! I'll try and keep this going as it's been fun so far and I like engaging that way.

Hope you like the new site - it's far from complete at the moment but I wanted to get it running so people can see it and give me some suggestions on possible edits. The shop isn't live at the moment but when it is, I'll update everyone!


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