Social Distancing

I'm not the best at being social. This will come as no surprise to anyone who really knows me (and that is less that 5 people in this world currently). I often find myself going through phases of being quite active and engaging with people and then becoming reclusive and quiet shortly after. This is just how I am as a person and it's something I've come to understand and accept as part of my personality. I'm sometimes unaware that others may not realise this (hence the blog post).

The current global pandemic has caused radical changes to the way we socialise and engage with others (whether that be face-to-face or online). I understand that so many are struggling with this and need that form of contact with others. I agree with and support the lockdown procedures as it is necessary to save lives and reduce the spread of COVID-19. I can't speak for others and how they are feeling with the changes. Personally, there hasn't been much of a change for myself and if anything, it's helped relieve some of my social anxieties and pressures to socialise and engage. I currently feel like I have more of an option to socialise with other people as well as control the level of engagement that entails.

This distancing has enabled me to focus more on my projects and activities as I'm less mentally drained by engaging with others. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I would be interested to know if any other bodgers / craftspeople have felt the same.

So, what have I been doing? I've been slowly catching up on stock and have been playing with the GoPro while making things. It's a slow process but I'm starting to get an idea of how things work. I might try and make a small collage video of different processes and sync them with some music. I'm not a fan of the usual music you hear i craft videos... if I could have my way, I would have something quite unusual playing...

Anyway, that's enough talk. Back to my social distancing.


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